We tell stories about stories: celebrating one year of The Wind-Up Books Chronicle

We tell stories about stories when we talk about books. We say things like, “I was in the airport bookstore and the cover just caught my eye,” or “I cried when Gus told Hazel,” or “I was so scared! Cujo made me terrified of dogs!”

Books invite us to know each other better. When my friends rave about good dialogue or terrible representation, they’re telling me about themselves. Your impressions of a book reveal what you think is normal, what is fair, what is beautiful, and what thrills you.

Thanks to Lauren Lola for pointing this out: The Wind-Up Books Chronicle crossed its first birthday! Lauren’s reflection on this past year:

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been the ultimate bookworm. I read whenever I can, and it’s a pastime that I feel is getting lost in today’s time of advanced technology and social media. I also like discussing my thoughts about the books I’ve read, and for a time, I did do book reviews, but on another website that has since diminished. So when Draven approached me to come be a part of this book blog he was starting up, I was intrigued by the idea of blogging about books again, in collaboration with a bunch of other people who share the same love for them.

So far, this first year being a part of The Wind-Up Books Chronicle has been an incredibly fun experience, and I look forward to help this blog grow more as we go forward into our second year.

This past year, we saw posts like:

Browse the archive and discover a book to read or re-read! Comment and tell us your own story about a story: what are you reading or will be reading soon? Thank you to every Wind-Up writer and reader for loving books together.


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