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The Wind-Up Books Chronicle is a group blog about books: the fiction and non-fiction we’ve recently read and thought about.


loudlysilent (Draven Katayama) writes at Newsarama, Comicosity, Geeked Out Nation, and Comics Recap, including comic reviews listed here. Follow on Twitter: @loudlysilent and Tumblr: loudlysilent.

Lauren Lola is a writer from the San Francisco Bay Area. She graduated from California State University, East Bay where she earned her B.A. in Communication and a minor in Theatre. She has had writing featured on Hapa Voice, Kollaboration, Entropy Magazine, Multiracial Media, YOMYOMF, VerseWrights, and other outlets and publications. She released her debut novel, “A Moment’s Worth,” in 2014, and her second novel, “An Absolute Mind,” in 2016. Lauren also regularly writes her own blog, Lola By The Bay.  Follow on Twitter: @akolaurenlola.

Lilith Wood is a writer and editor in Seattle. She is writing the adventure tale LEANTRO with Ulises Farinas at Orgo’s Books of Knowledge. She reviews comics for Newsarama and her comics blogging and essays are also at The Naive Review. Follow on Twitter: @lilwould.

Lily Rugo is a journalism student at Emerson College, with a minor in comedy. She writes for the Asian American blog Kollaboration and occasionally contributes to USA Today College. Follow on her personal blog, Lily Rugo, Twitter: @Lily_Rugo and Instagram: @rugolivefrmny.

Kelly Richards is awesome. Follow on Twitter: @kellycriedwolf and Tumblr: kellyrichardswrites.

Christa Stephens is an aspiring graphic novelist, wife, and mother living and working in the Hawkeye state (that’s Iowa). A recently converted bibliophile, she spends much of her time reading books/comics or reading about books/comics. You can find her writing on her personal blog, #obsessivegirlfan, or follow her on Twitter: @obsessivegrlfan or Tumblr: obsessivegirlfan.